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You have a website, it has been running for a while and you have questions about how to make it better.  A quick website audit may be just what you need to get the answers you need to move your website and your business forward.

This quick report will show the overall health of your website, any errors which could negatively impact the visitor experience.  With this report, we can help create an action plan to move your website from good to great. We can find out if your On-Page Search Engine Optimization or SEO is working for you, helping you to be found by your ideal customer.

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Nobody reads long webpages with lots of text, how do I create a page for a visitor and search engines?

page content overviewOur approach to creating page content is based on what we learned in high school about writing essays. Here's how:

  • The topic or title is the subject or keyword
  • The topic sentence is the most common keyword phrase
  • The summary highlights "the why". It could be uses, features, differentiating factors, answer questions, etc. all in an easily consumable layout
  • The primary call-to-action invites the visitor to continue to learn more
  • The details support the topic sentence and summary points
  • The secondary call-to-action invites the visitor to continue to learn more without having to scroll back up the page to do so
  • The search engines use all of this content to assess and rank the information to serve up in search results

A quick assessment of your content can help to update your site page content structure
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Why this approach

This approach helps reach of the goal of creating page content that does double duty giving visitors easily consumable content and search engines enough details to calculate rankings.

Breaking down the approach

This may look similar to what you may have been taught when writing essays. I think it works well for both visitors and search engines with the topic, topic sentence, summary, and primary call-to-action appearing above the fold (the visible part of the page without having to scroll down) addressing the human visitor who is quicking skimming to determine if they have found what they are looking for, "the why". The additional details below the fold has content that describes the points in the summary with naturally occurring keywords, keyword phrases and keyword variations. Note the use of 'naturally occurring'. The details section should not be used for keyword stuffing. It should provide helpful information on the topic.


The topic and topic sentence are the main purpose of the page. Typically, this is the title and keyword phrase that provide the initial impression that 'yes, this is what is being searched for'. So here are all of the concepts brought together


Wrapping things up

When it comes to writing page content, it is important to write for the human visitor who will make the decision to work with you or not and the search engine who will guide the visitor to you. This should be done in a natural and helpful manner that provides information on the product or service, its uses, features, differentiating factors, etc. basically "the why" it should be purchased. 

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