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JoomlaDay Chicago

Each year Danico Enterprises organizes and hosts JoomlaDay Chicago. The JoomlaDay Chicago conference joins global technologists, industry thought leaders, and enthusiasts for a day to network and attend specialized topics presented by experts for and about Joomla.

JoomlaDay Chicago 2020 is ONLINE October 16-17th. This event is the premier gathering of web designers, site managers, newbies, web developers, and community experts brought together to share knowledge and experience in a professional, friendly, and accepting environment.


Keynote Speaker Brian Mitchell2020 Keynote Speaker, Brian Mitchell

Joomla! President, Brian Mitchell, is this year's Keynote Speaker. Brian is the founder and president of InterGen Web Solutions in Milwaukee, WI. Brian is responsible for business operations, strategic direction, business development, and everything in between. He has been a Joomla! volunteer for years, serving on the Resource Directory, Joomla! Volunteer Engagement and Conflict Resolution Teams. Before being elected as president, Brian served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer. He has over 20 years of business experience in the field of website development. Brian loves his family and is always on the lookout for the next great book on leadership and business principles.


What is JoomlaDay Chicago?

Joomla’s ease-of-use and extensibility have made it the most popular website software available. Because of its open-source nature, a community of worldwide users has emerged to support the Joomla! end-user. JoomlaDay is the premier gathering of these individuals, including web designers, site managers, and other Joomla users—from novice to experienced—for a day-long conference. JoomlaDay events are held throughout the world, with only one conference permitted to take place on any given day. This unique feature allows attendees to choose the JoomlaDay location and date of most convenience to them.

At JoomlaDay Chicago, industry presenters shared their expertise and passion for Joomla! and covered a wide variety of topics for both new and experienced Joomla users. Attendees have a professional, inclusive, and friendly environment with opportunities for broadening their knowledge, networking with the Joomla! community, and connecting with current and potential clients.