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Are you looking for an eCommerce solution to start selling your products and services online? An online store puts your products and services in front of your ideal customer both near and far.  There are many eCommerce solutions, we can help you pick the one that works best for your business. Danico Enterprises has solutions for every budget from the basic shopping cart solutions for your content management system (CMS) like Joomla to the most advanced e-commerce solutions.

Your Online Store

From getting started to upgrading to marketing, we help your business successfully sell online.

Ready to get started selling online?  We can help.

Online Store Options

Our top eCommerce solution picks are:

  • EStop
  • Hikashop
  • Ecwid
  • Shopify

eCommerce Extension: EShop / joomdonation.com

Shop is a powerful & responsive Joomla Shopping Cart / e-Commerce extension. It is built based on the standard Joomla! MVC structure with many great features, user friendly and easy to customize. Simply install, add products, enable built-in modules, payment plugins, shipping plugins and you are ready to start accepting orders.

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eCommerce Extension: Hikashop / hikashop.com

HikaShop is an e-commerce solution for Joomla! Built for simplicity and flexibility. 

Ask about our Joomla Services to get starting selling with Joomla and Hikashop

eCommerce Solution and Integration: Ecwid / ecwid.com

Ecwid is an eCommerce tool that enables selling on multiple channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.  Ecwid integrates with content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, and more.  Additionally, they have an Instant Store that can be used as a standalone.  In addition to payment gateway integration, Ecwid works with point-of-sale (POS) systems Square, Clover, and Alice.  Ecwid has four (4) plans: Free, Venture, Business, Unlimited which costs, $0, $15/month, $35/month, and $99/month respectively.  There is a discount for paying annually.

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eCommerce Solution: Shopify / shopify.com

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that enables the management of the website, marketing, sales, and operations.  The website includes features typically found on a traditional website such as a blog.  Like Ecwid, Shopify can serve as a point-of-sale and sale on multiple channels.  If you already have a website, you can add Buy buttons or add a link to your Shopify store.  There are numerous templates to choose from to get started spanning all business areas.  You can also customize appearance and functionality. Shopify supports over 100+ payment gateways and has three (3) monthly plans: Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify, $29, $79, and $299, respectively.   

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